Awake at the Wheel

Being Awake at the Wheel
By Mz. Monti

What in the world do you write about during a pandemic? You don't want to rile people up anymore than they already are.

The beginning of this newsletter might be a tough read but the ending is wonderful, so bear with me.
Most of the people that we know already understand the following but it is always good to reinforce sound advice.

We were born for this moment. We knew from our youth in the way back days that the current social,
economical, political structures were old, in the way, not working as promised for everyone.

"Sharing the Wealth"

"Cost of Freedom"

 We saw in advance the decline of our environment, the growth of consumerism,
the dumbing down of the population
and the monstrosities of the military industrial complexes of the world 
that have been training our youth to be good little killing robots.

"March of Progress"

"Force of Life"

Our financial institutions have been preserving the wealth of
despots, kings, oligarchs and criminal politicians.
Worn out religions have been espousing morality fit for barbarians,
devoid of compassion, ruthless and predatory
creating crazy and wasteful wars,
making whole nations of refugees
while ignoring the needs of humanity and the planet. 

"Bitter Harvest"

"Work for Food"

"Holy Family"

We find ourselves in the middle of a global pandemic and economic crisis of epic proportion. 

"Fast  Food Chain"


We knew those who thought they were in charge to be asleep at the wheel,
consumed by the worst attributes humanity has to offer.

The wake up call has arrived. It may look like a strobe light to some.
Light on, light off, light on, light off.
Disorientation may be setting in,
causing denial of what's apparent to anyone who is not blinded
by the plethora of contradictory "truths".
Unfortunately because the Powers that Be
put off necessary changes for so long, 
it has been a rather bumpy ride.
It looks particularly bad at this time in the beginning of the crisis,
when we are tumbling down
the steep cliff, and falling to the bottom of the pit.

The good news is, we have already created the future.
The youth have been engaging in a culture war
that has raged in our land since our coming of age.
Now young people have been catalyzed into action by the looming ecological collapse,
fewer economic opportunities,
and the lethal pandemic that is going on today. 

In these times of difficulty, we all intrinsically know that sharing in the love
of our brothers and sisters, and helping each other in difficult times
is the way through this crisis, even if we must keep our distance for a while.

"Django's Tree"

It may take a generation or two for the wake up call to take full effect.

"I Remember"

We understand true friendship.
 We know we must  care for all the creatures and lifeforms on the planet.
We get it. 

"Restoring the Future"

You know what to do. 
You don’t have to say anything, just be here, now!
Fully engaged, strong in your heart, fearless and merciful, get creative and inventive.
Turn on your love light, the panic will diminish, and everything will be as it should.
A kinder and gentler world is the heritage we give to the future.  

"La Semillera"

By the way, as a personal note, we are as good as can be expected so far.
We are used to isolation. I'm planting the best garden I have ever had.
Mark is painting up a storm.
We are communicating with each other in novel ways.
Our door knobs are very, very clean.

All the creative projects you have put off are still waiting for you. 
We are all in this together for once and its a minor miracle.
So wash your hands, wear your mask, help each other and we will get through this epic historical period together.

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Oh, and, wash your hands.