Designing Reality

"The Dreamer"

Is there a reality that we all can agree upon?

When does your reality stop and my reality begin?
There is your reality, there is my reality, there is their reality, there are alternative realities. 
In the online world there is enhanced reality and augmented reality,
and of coarse unknown realities. 

In these crazy times the art world and it's commerce system is radically changing.
The brick and mortar galleries are struggling to survive the challenges 
in our age of technology,  the pandemic and social unrest.

Many artists are exploring novel ways to share their art and art making skills.
Many new platforms are appearing everyday. We have a few to share with you and hopefully you will enjoy some new ways to experience our gallery.

The first feature is called "Augmented Reality".

The computer version of this "AR" feature
is different than the phone version.
For the computer version, sit on your favorite couch,
turn on your computers camera,
point your computer's camera to a wall,
the camera on your computer must be turned on.
Touch any image in this newsletter  or on Mark's website
and it will take you to a page where you can experiment with Mark's art by superimposing it on your wall in your house.
If you are outside you can place it on a garage wall,
your garden fence, on a billboard, a sign, view it on a museum wall,
if they ever open up again.

If it is the original that you are viewing, it will be only in the size of the original, if it is a reproduction, you can change the size of the art to your liking.

On a phone camera(you need to be using the Safari browser at this time. on a phone. More phone browsers will be added in the future. 
Pick out a piece of art from the website,
  point the camera anywhere, stand back 10 feet, and voila,
the image will show up superimposed on what ever you have pointed to. 
Just choose the "Live Preview AR" button  Its easy!

We need peace right now, so try putting Mark's
"Prayer for Peace" 
somewhere. Pick a size, and up it pops.

You can also use the "Wall Preview Tool". This tool is similar the the "AR" feature
There are mini environments to choose from including wall color, furniture, art size. 

If you are really serious about purchasing something from Mark, you can customize any artwork with your choice of canvas, art papers, photographic reproductions, on wood and metal.
Some can be matted with a large choice of framing options. 

We all need healing right now, physically, spiritually, socially. 
We can do this in many ways, as we are the guardians of humanity's future. We do our best when we are feeling good.
As needed, enjoy the sacraments that work for you.

"Guardians of the Sacraments"

So relax, find your inner calmness. Find a quiet place along a stream and let Mother Nature work her magic.

"Healing Waters"

Mark has been Zooming, connecting with our art friends in group chats, lecture series and many interviews coming up. The best way to know about them is by following him on Facebook or Instagram 

"I Remember"

Be safe and stay in touch.

We are offering a 20% discount on your first purchase. Just use REALITY at check out.