Innocence, Invisibility, Unmasking and Going Further


Now that we are out and about, doing things again, we have entered an age of innocence

Old things are new, people changed, every thing feels a little different now that the pandemic is subsiding at least around here.

We can frequent our favorite places, run around naked, breathe in the air, bathe in the sunshine.



                    Fountain of Youth

We can look into each others faces without a mask.

Mark has 3 new paintings to share with you. We finally got them properly photographed and copyrighted. Now we can present them to you.


                    Simple Pleasures

What could be sweeter? Soft sand on the beach at sunset, your favorite person to share your heart, fresh fruit to taste, some music to hear, the ocean surf filling the air with oxygen.  We can be a part of the paradise nature created.


                    Lost Horizon

Explorers are climbing up the heap  of a crumbling civilization. The parting mists reveal  a perfect world  in the distance. Can they get there? Is there a path or do they have to make one through the rubble or is the chasm impossible to cross?

Spectral Spirit

In the sunset sky, sometimes high altitude atmospheric moisture will separate sunrays into a rainbow spectrum of color. Sometimes when this phenomenon occurs, a specter majestically forms just for a moment. She will disappear soon as quickly as she appeared.

I want to rant a little about being invisible, or keeping a low profile on social  media. Your words are less of a target to those who may not like your philosophy or your creative spirit. A word you might use indiscriminately or if your wit is misunderstood, it  can draw unwanted attention. It may feel great to get something off your chest, but it may feel stupid later, … or not  when someone takes it personally.  Mark did a series of dramatic black and white drawings during the worst of our countries upheavals during our “homestay”. Below is just one. Maybe we will let a year or so go by and do a locked up in the pandemic political retrospective when the state of the union is less vitriolic. Is this self-censorship? Not really, it is just wise. The drawings aren’t going anywhere.

self explanatory

Last but not least, check out this movie our good friends at Lotus Eater Films with their online digital movie premiering  July 9-11th   "Going Further".

Mark and his art is featured with Ken Babs speaking in this  clip.Enjoy, and keep our extended family alive and well, happy and joyous, creative and colorful. It is performance art on a grand scale.