One wave closer to the shore

As the new year approaches
we are one wave closer to the shore of eternity.
We are beaming energy on the sea of consciousness. 


“Light Voyagers”
To commemorate this beginning we are offering
a special signed and numbered limited edition of 300 posters
that are printed on 20 x 32 inch heavy hemp paper.
 The actual image size is  16 x 29  1/2 inches/ 
They are good for sharing with those folks
who live a long way off.

Winter brings inclement weather.
Are you ready to spread some holiday cheer?

 We will make it easier for you to fulfill your
 "gotta send something" list.
Share your thoughts with art.

As a little gift to you
We will send you
 Two notecards with envelopes with any card you order.
Keep one for yourself or send them both off. 

You don’t need to do anything special in your cart, just know you will get two notecards for every notecard you order..

See all our TWO for ONE notecards here

Maybe you just want to crawl back into bed. 
We have 100% extra large 32 x 58 inch
woven cotton blankets to keep you warm.
The blankets will cover the width of a king size bed
or a long couch.

They are thick, warm and made in America. 

Eyes of the World blanket

or a 32 x 58 inch
Sundancer blanket

Due to conditions beyond our control
Traveling this winter may be difficult. 
You might want to share images places that you would rather be.
like Costa Rica.

Rio Encantado

You might want to share social or political satire
to get folks thinking.

“Sharing the Wealth"

You might want to share romance
with a special loved one.

“Spiral Genesis”

You can always just share mark’s website,
perhaps critique his art with your friends. Everyone sees images differently.

It will allow for an intimate journey into another persons soul.
Or travel to a positive future with a
stroll through our online 3D gallery. 

No need to don your heavy jacket or
endanger yourself on wet highways. 

Art is always better shared.
Its magic!

Enjoy yourself with your friends and family.
Lets all bring in wonderful New Year!

Last but not least, we have a "it doesn't come from China" sale. Use the code CHEER

 at checkout, and get 20% off your order.
The offer is good through January 15, 2022.

All shipping is slow right now
but you won't have to wait for any boats to land.
We didn't raise any of our shipping rates, even though we probably should.
If you need it fast, overnight or Fed Ex fast, email us.
We will get the best rate we can. 
We won't add anything on top of the shipping cost.
For INTERNATIONAL orders, email us with our request. The rates change every day.

If its a custom order, any image with "custom" in the title,
order soon.
Custom orders are printed on demand in San Francisco.
You get exactly what you want with a custom order,
but it takes longer as it has to be made to your specifications.